black eyed suzy lyrics – justin townes earle

blacked eyed suzy
she works the corner out
on the block where
she was raised and i
don’t know how but she
finds some comfort up amongst
the rubble and the queen and lace oh but
n*body seemed to notice
her beauty wither away
oh black eyed suzy girl
how much more can you take

we were lovers back when we were younger but
we all know how that can go its like
one day its roses and the
next its over and n*body ask
cause ain’t n*body want to know

said they’ll find a place far away

from this dirty heap
oh black eyed suzy she still
losing ground to the heap

well now some may give into the wind
they’ll take flight just to forget the pain
ah but suzy she’e dug in too deep
she knows she’s been beat
oh but still she stands around and waits
oh but see the season change
will be bring a winter wind
suzy she’ll try to fight it
it wont be long before the cold embrace of a
long november will decide it

what am i to do
oh what am i to say
i just watch from a distance
as suzy withers away

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