black horseman lyrics – hammercult

dead in the night, arise from the grave
like a phoenix that bursts out of h*ll
hardboiled for war, i’m eternal d*mnation
wielding the sword of the spell
inferno and thunder are burning the sky
they welcome the king of the dead
creeping my war cry, i ride on black death
reaping the souls of the d*mned

death tools , scrams of agony
rebirth of evil, night of the kill

h*ll hath no fury and the devil is due
whatever i touch i consume
screams of the cattle and cries of the slain
greeting the rider of doom
beg like a dog and squeal like a pig
dissecting thy flesh from the bone
reincarnation of ten thousand deaths
the phantom black horseman, the sp*wn

those who are doomed to die
will taste my sword tonight
the rider won’t be denied
i kill with pure delight
armies of heaven will cry
before the crimson tide
under the darkest skies
on blood red ground the black horseman rides

extinguish the rats of the cloth from my land
i am the messiah of death
vengeance is pumping black blood in my veins
spreading the plague with my breath
storming the church , haunting the cross
and soon i’m knee deep in their guts
sweep of the sword as i take off your head
with bare hands i rip out your heart

now you’ll feel my burning hate
you cannot run, you cannot hide
the crucifier ignores your cries
bow before the master of thy fate
neverending, devastating
soul tormenting, everlasting death

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