black orchid lyrics – esham

what’s up honey? don’t mind me askin, but how your *ss been?
and f*ck that chatty n*gg*, if he’s a has been
i got twenty, cuz i’m good and plenty
to get the dollars, get the d*ck, if you gettin any
you gotta work that p*ssy fast, work that p*ssy slow
it don’t matter cuz these b*tches know i got the phatter dough
ain’t no trick, but i gotta trick d*ck like hoodini
i want ya fine *ss on my d*ck like the genie
grant my wishes, blow your hugs and kisses in the wind
g-string up ya *ss, all i see is p*ssy skin
and nigs don’t know about my t*tty bar ho
she be dancin til the break of dawn wit no panties on
dough, lickin her lips, her p*ssy smells on my fingertips
she’s ill, i think i f*cked her wit the dollar bill
for real, her t*tties, look so ferm, i might burn
if i run up in her raw, wit the super sperm
she got a

[chorus 4x]
work that p*ssy fast, work that p*ssy slow
work that m*th*f*cka, outta baller’s cash flow

something surprise me about your eyes
they make my d*ck rise, and then your *ss got me hypnotized
watch you put dollars up ya p*ssy, ho
they make my d*ck swoll, and you the reason why these n*gg*s roll
big cash flow, watch your *ss ho
p*ssy for days, got nigs, runnin thru a maze
gotta funny way of lookin at me, know i wanna skeez ya
then i got the other p*ssy, put it in the freezer
dollar strapped around you leg, on the rubber band
i know deep down you could never love a move
only the money, go to get yours, at all cost
p*ssy ain’t nothin, but a way to take a lost
i gotta let these hoes know, that i ain’t no trick
i’m just a n*gg* wit a d*ck, and a mind that’s sick
so pull your panties to your knees, cuz i aim to please
i bet that p*ssy get hot, like a hundred degrees, when you

[chorus 4x]

i see the way every n*gg* is scopin, hopin
he can get a change at your kinda romance
every n*gg* in the house, got one thing on they mind
seein the back of your head, watchin that *ss from behind
tell me somethin, if you wasn’t workin at this club
would you be lookin at me like you was f*ckin me
or better yet be duckin me
i don’t want anything from you, you don’t nothing from me
if this was back in the day, you be f*ckin for free
i sit and daze and reminisce on how i used to bone her
i told the waitress to rush over another corona
i give the b*tch a hundred dollars just to dance on my lap
i tell the dj slow it down, cuz this b*tch is all that
i want the time to go slow, and my dough even slower
i wanna f*ck ya p*ssy, but i don’t even know her
i can’t go out like the next man
god d*mn, b*tch, do you know who the f*ck i am, gotta

[chorus 4x]

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