blackest ecstasy lyrics – belphegor

with a crucifix – i smash her body
the deformation – is grotesque
my p*ssion crawls – for your flesh
the ritual – can begin

turn the cross – upside down
into her – bleeding c*nt
urinate – in her mouth
hack and f*ck – for supper

beyond the – boundaries
of pleasure

sucking out – eating raw flesh
f*ck you wh*r* – we burn in blasphemy
for s*x i’ll use her lovely head
delightful *rg*sm – so deep in me

beyond the – boundaries
of pleasure

i spill out – blackest blood
prepare your return – this place you’ll never leave
ich liebe es – wie du dich mir
von hinte effnest – schwarz und kalt
(voll toter romantik)
evil thoughts – full of perversion
what a beautiful view – when i scratch your bones
das blutopfer – b*st**lisch rotverschmiert
der himmel ist unsere h*lle –
das martyrium der todeshochzeit

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