blessed with fire lyrics – utter hell

lord!! bless me with the unholy fire
i am a being enchained to sin and blasphemy
condemned to spread the evil’s seed

breathing a demonic ambiance, awaiting the arrival of the
my steps follow this fateful path, where fulfillthe will
of the wicked one
until evil owns ye all

let the heat of the flames of the torches
burn the skin of those believers of god
we’ll throw their bodies on bonfires
as they did with the witches in the inquisition
merciless attack against the saint´s followers
we´ll finish all those useless beings
all pure and holy ones will be decapitated
and with their blood we´ll fill the rivers of h*ll

fire!! blessed with fire
unholy fire of h*ll that feed my soul
the blood will flow
evil take possesion of the earth and satan shall rise

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