blessing lyrics – def manic

d*mn, sometimes life, gets you down, gotta get up
again, it’s a blessing man
2nd mixtape, let’s do it right.

[verse 1]

d*mn i really gotta thank you my friend,
you were the only one that cared for me till the end,
and then you looked out, you came up and did time,
i can’t believe i almost missed you that lunch time,
when i usually give you money cause you starving,
haven’t had a meal in 3 days, it’s just starting,
it’s sad to see cause you were my brother,
a peaceful man with a conscience like no other,
but that’s life i guess in all angles, not just the
positive side of it,
and that’s the side effects that you get, when you got
a few people to protect,
and that’s everything i wished for had to respect,
and it’s funny how the world changed up,
when i met that girl louisa in the big black truck, oh
first thing that caught my eye was that b*tt,
shaking it around with that s*xy *ss lil strut,
but then i saw you were alot deeper then that,
one of the reasons i even started to rap,
and it’s crazy cause i never had respect for a woman,
you changed my view when i was a part of that sermon,
and i never was religious either,
mr “i don’t give a f*ck”, just b*mping that ether,
really deep inside i needed change i was eager,
you taught me things no one else would see important,
but i thank you for some things i couldn’t really
afford it.

only got one life to live, live it the best you can
whether you a family man or a kid
anything that comes together is a blessing, it’s a
blessing right,
ma its a blessing right?

[verse 2]

everything was fine until that lil thing happened,
outside your house when we were just rapping,
i don’t needa tell you anymore cause you already know,
took my keys, i started going at you, dissing you slow,
then that magic word slipped, called you a b*tch and my
whole world split,
in like 2 pieces, can’t believe i let that sh*t happen
at reeses,
but what the f*ck is there left for me to do?
it’s not that easy to get my stuff and just leave,
feeling ashamed, saying goodbyes i don’t believe,
it had to come to this but my path was real rocky,
changed everything up, had to conceal my body,
i did what was best for any person to do,
i left you and picked up a book on hip hop,
interestingly enough, it got me to the top,
it got me to reflecting, why i ain’t half-stepping,
like big daddy kane said a few years ago,
yes, we should really just f*cken follow our goals,
and everybody would be better off,
then be stuck in this maze, for days just really going
f*ck a molotov, i’ll just throw myself in the riot,
struggle with my inner ideas i gotta be trying it,
and everybody telling me how we die sometimes,
but it’s stupid talking about that, when you’re young
it flies.

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