blind idiot god lyrics – eternal dirge

nameless is this ancient city
beyond the r’lyeh gate
blasphemies from elder stars
that dream beneath the sea

the green sp*wn of the universe
shall awake to claim his own
regurgitated from his tomb
now finally free to roam

praise the three-lobed burnig eye
ascend from below through the gates
ever the praises of mighty tsatthoggua
and him-who-can’t-be-named

a kind of force
that doesn’t belong
in our part of sp*ce

a twisted truth
that is all wrong
and can never be a fake

if heaven is mercyful
the sight i saw
will some day efface

and if there is a god
in the heavens above
let me live my last days in peace …
… of mind

blind idiot god

/ eternal dirge lyrics