bliss from a dead embrace lyrics – deadwater drowning

just another day with two empty hands.
drag me through gravel.
take me far from here.
too tired to use my wings.
just do not forget me.
breathe your arson breath.
kiss my cyanide lips.
bliss from a dead embrace.
this is how we put an end to each other.
beg for yours, beg for mine.
bleed again and i give in.
open your mouth, open my arms.

apologetic death.
i’m sorry that it had to come to this.
i have grown so sick of this plague of insecurities.
i can’t trust myself to help myself.
and these razors beg for skin.
i dance in cold seasons.
numbs hands from distant touch.
it’s not supposed to hurt this much and i don’t know why this had to be a game of bleeding thoughts.
it’s too f*cking hard to think about.

memories built from gl*ss.
i see you in my dreams more often. eyes empty, piercing mine.
dead weight, dead stare.
dead to the point that i cannot care.
that you, that i.
watch each other bleed and love to cry.
fell in, fell out. begged on broken knees and a swollen mouth. held hands, held up.
took everything i had to give and then you gave up.
it’s probably not as bad as it seems.

i am just stuck in my own worst dreams. the ones where you rip my heart from my chest.
come back for a kiss and burn what’s left.
what a godd*mn nightmare.
i’m still awake in my own h*ll. this is not where i die for you. this is where i stop crying over you. i can’t walk away.

i’m bound here by hope.
tied here by memories. they hold me steadfast.
drown me in oceans of your failing hands.
subtle and delicate, we live this dance.
motions of porcelain. whispers to the stars.
what has brought me this far?
it was not supposed to be this hard to breathe

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