bliss lyrics – firstborn

where neither mind nor wind roam,
where neither sun nor moon enter
there, bring your mind to rest.

know your mind exactly as it is:
it is like water mixed with water.

where the sense faculties dissolve,
where the innate self nature is shattered
there, is the body of the innate.

in this supreme great bliss there is no self or other.

when bound it runs in all directions,
when released, it stays still.
that which shackles the ignorant… liberates the wise.

when one has purified his mind,
when one is free from karma
then, one enters the city of the conquerors.

know your body exactly as it is:
it is comp*ssion, and emptiness its consort.

in this supreme great bliss there is no being or non-

now, shattered are the (solid) pillars of the word.
cut off (are) the many bonds of samsara
at peace, you entered the (lotus) bed of the innate.

know the nature of the innate exactly as it is:
in it there is no beginning, no middle, no end.

in this supreme great bliss there is neither existence
nor non-existence.

take the three refuges as a ship,
cross the ocean of existence.
in it, you perceive no waves,
as your mind goes to great bliss
words cannot grasp its true nature.

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