bloc bloc bloc lyrics – omd

i want to go up to detroit
l want to lie in the shade
i want to visit the president
and then i want to get laid

i want to go down to memphis
i want to talk to the king
i want to tell him we’re sorry
and it won’t happen again

i’ve got a photo of james joyce
it’s a photo by man ray
it’s not very, very much like him
but it’s not for me to say

she sacrifices her body
almost every night
just like a lamb to the slaughter
and she thinks it makes him feel right

you give me so many problems
you made me crash in my car
i’ll have a martini c*cktail
and then we’ll see where we are

so just be nice to your brother
i’ll take your sister to bed
i can bloc bloc bloc till the weekend
but you’d better come back soon


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