blood eagle lyrics – manilla road

death and honor – drive them onward
out of iceland – butcher’s sail
unto greenland – then to vineland
search for true faith – no avail

in this outland – known as vineland
faith’s conversion – still prevails
holgar’s vikings – slay the skraelings
vineland’s bishop – screams and wails

bishop eric curses the old ways
taking thor and odin’s name in vain
demanding conversion of holgar
condemning the crew of voyager

for odin
for asgard
holgar proclaims
his judgement
blood eagle
slow death and pain

for vengeance
in thor’s name
eric shall die
creeping death
blood eagle
cast to helheim

sons of the night – sent to helheim
this dark bishop – black evil
bound and tortured – chest carved open
viking slow death – blood eagle

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