blood forest lyrics – dethlehem

covered in white, a snow witch’s dream, the horses
breathe at utmost difficulty
a drip of red that’s falling down, leaving it’s mark on
these frozen grounds

we see it move, under hooded rags, the wretch it
laughs, as lifeless bodies move and drag
she feasts upon the dead

motherf*cking bowstaff

a scream that brings us to our knees, coming from this
we tried to approach, under quiet feet, but the smell
of the dead made us then spit and gag
her eyes gone white, standing over her ominous cave

in this blood forest

it wastes no time toward our demise as it stares upon
us helpless, yet it lets out a cry

no longer a watchful eye, as an axe doth slice it

the figure does shriek, but all too weak, as we yell
and rise to our feet

burn this b*tch

quick on your feet, past burning meat, not let emotion
slow our stride
from this now dead wood, raise your hoods, for the
deadly branches we must brush aside
they shall see this from the mountaintops, it emits a
bright orange glare

let all that know of this place, let the flames burn

this forest is now a tomb


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