blood i bleed lyrics – detente

you don’t know me i owe you not a thing.
yet you believe it’s your right to take it all.
wanting a slave you can devour, i should fulfill your need [?]
not on your life.
abuse me exploit me, thick and red the blood i bleed.
dominate defile me, drink it down the blood i bleed.
drill in my mind little girls are tolerated, often used, despised and hated.
gonna rot alone in their middle ages, kept in line must control their rages.
i see you’ve moved to another key holder.
one’s gonna treat you much better.
he gives you strong advice about your life girl.
now that lover you trust and believe in has got you on a corner charging a fee yeah, it’s just the blood you bleed.
i rip the flesh from your bones.
i laugh as i watch it fall away.
the blood from your veins falls like a shower.
this p*ssion you want to control

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