bloodshot dreams lyrics – bedemon

words and music by randy palmer.
instrumentation: rhythm and lead guitars: randy palmer;
b*ss guitar: mike matthews; drums: geof o’keefe;
vocals and background guitar: bobby liebling.

drifting in time for eternity, in sp*ce:
a timeless ent*ty with no life, no place.
in his afterlife which is death, nothing more;
no one to share all the fates god bore.

man created god but time twisted men’s minds
and they worshipped a being no one could find.
our savior will walk earth again, they say,
but open your eyes and see if he comes your way.

how insane are we, the human race,
serving and bowing to god in his place?
too many are blind to what lies ahead;
they foolishly sit by and pray for the dead.

but some came to realize what lies they had believed,
and the mask of “truth” jesus wore was relieved.
their souls were reborn unto the left-hand path.
now all the others will bear satan’s wrath.

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