blow up lyrics – def manic

[verse 1]
d*mn the life we living is so far out in the check,
we running rat races, never really gon’ break your
you buy her dinner, take her out and then you come
but she sitting back, she teasing you with all this
d*mn s*x,
f*ck with me, and ima show you satisfaction,
f*ck a movie, this is real life with all the action,
the above, everybody wanna show you love,
but it’s fake, i know this sh*t i really been around
the world god,
striving for greatness gets you no attention in town
then you gotta learn the hard way selling hard drugs,
or in fact selling your cds without a street buzz,
i’m not lyrical, i’m never really gonna claim to be,
really wanna go to the island, my feet up on a tree,
ya’ll get 80k, i get 200 for a show,
i don’t even really know if i’m even comfortable
spending more of my money i’m not making, got me

[chorus x2]

oh, i dont know, nope i dont know
i just wanna, i just wanna
blow up, b*tch i wanna blow up, b*tch i wanna blow up
yeah i wanna blow up dope!

[verse 2]
uh, we get it to the best and then we unfamiliar,
loved your fave artist before they really killed em,
hate that fake rest in peace, ya’ll needa stop that,
if i don’t make it in 30 years then ima stop rap,
but nah, i don’t think that could ever really fly
been too deep in this sh*t for me to ever just try
and then it’s evermore, it’s everglade i needa try
alcohol in my system because it’s the july 4th,
what the f*ck am i doing, i’m p*ssed out in the gutter,
you told me long ago you loved me like i was your
used to hang out at the park even stole that
went to the play really high and you were always in my
i can’t recall the last time i saw you without your
legs spread,
it’s a shame cause you were an actress and you would
run there,
everybody, everyday and nothing would mean much to you,
you turned your back on me and the hatred just started
filling you.

[chorus x2]

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