blowing my flame lyrics – demise

in the bustle of fears and p*ssion, flood of words
in the crowd of human’s emotions, i’m lost without edges
i don’t know my onw place… and scream
awakened at night, i got hurt with the day
i didn’t know where i was and then i hid
but suddenly i stopped and understood my thoughts
being stupor but real, alive
from now i was painting my life as i wanted
i directed every important events
it was pleasant, laugher at their failures
got me inside a tunnel without exit
i didn’t want anything from that moment
pride and satisfaction pierced my body
like a th*rn, signed with the will of existence
i was walking up and down my cage, locked from the
i wanted to keep on blowing my flame
being in candles of people undesired
the light went out and with this flame my hopes and

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