blown doors lyrics – epidemic

fuel flow intravenously, mixed nitrous through chemistry.
chemicals under pressure, poison in my injectors.
mixing fluids to perfection, runaways clean, injection.
more speed for an injection racer, nitrous straight, no chaser.

uniform as the mind decays, into pump, releasing relay.
divided into equal sections, no gauges, danger detected.
consuming fuel, intense suction, losing mind, lost function.
spastic reaction, interior combustion.
price for speed, lost deduction.

increasing the fuel’s rate of burning.
the more split, gears turning.
fuel drips into the full cores.
sides torn left, blown door.

self – injected, direct ports, affected, computer aborts.
ignore the sensory information, m*ss pr*ne to detonation.
preset, altered, losing tone, valve tight pinching tubes.
5930 lake sh*r* cypress, overload, top fuel nitrous.

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