bogus bounce lyrics – jaewon

verse 1:
i heard… i, i, i heard…
the early bird is the one that gets the worm, i’m //
fresh out the nest, already taking it worldwide //
(you poor thang!) people compared you to mr. curbside //
and threw your demo out the window as soon as they heard mine //
those executives and a&r’s want that hotness //
ain’t got the key to success so they’re calling on the locksmith //
jaewon is a monster, kind of like the lochness //
used to fly with the luggage, but now i sit in the c*ckpit //
and i’m about to have some fun with it – run with it //
hun-gry like a beast. you want it? then come get it //
oh, he done did it again now, thinking he’s all that //
you should either get with it or forget it and fall back… //

bogus bounce, bogus bounce //
everybody’s talking gangsta but they ain’t really down //

verse 2:
from australia to asia, eurrrope to the us //
i step into the ring leaving compet*tion toothless //
too fresh, others rappers feeling useless //
walking ’round the house all day in a robe like they’re hugh hef //
i know you’ve heard i murder tracks like it’s nuthin’ bro //
now c’mon, let’s put the funk back in dysfunctional // (aoooow!!!)
i’m a keep going, keep moving like a rebel //
i’m a keep talking trash over groovy instrumentals //
i’m a h*ll of an eloquent, diligent fella //
with a lyrical sentiment, not necessarily intelligent //
killing the melody, feeling adrenaline filling me //
doing it for the h*ll of it, giving this business some elegance //
now i’m a take you back to the basics //
since 1999 i’ve been working the graveshift //
now watch me turn my biggest interest into a paycheck //
it’s my first release and i just gave this industry a facelift… //

it’s ok… good times… //
it’s ok… some fun… //

it’s ok to have a good time every now and then… //
it’s ok to have a little fun from time to time… //
hahaha… //


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