bounty hunter lyrics – kerion

i’m not of any country or any banner
i don’t belong to any master
i don’t care about rules and power
i don’t fight for any cause
i have no road, no purpose
forgive me, i’m not what you suppose

every day p*ssing i take another way
all i do moves my soul away
time will come when i’ll have to pay
i don’t fight for any people
i have no doctrine, no moral
forget me, i don’t wanna see you fall

no one can explain your choice
you don’t listen to any voice
no one can understand your choice
silence speaks louder than noise
i don’t fight for any land
i have no kingdom, no home
forsake me, i should not take your hand

i’m not a defender
nor an avenger
i’m a bounty-hunter

you cross the world alone
on a rope between good and evil
i’m looking for someone
into darkness you bear its call

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