boxcar blues lyrics – ultimate bearhug

still as the crowd rushes by us
my eyes wouldn’t move if i asked them to
i get lost without you
just can’t shake those boxcar blues
on the move, me and you, we’re just p*ssing through

resting my cheek ‘gainst the window
such a nice lullaby is the rumble below
it’s your song, it’s so sweet
it could rock me right to sleep
if i’m still in my seat i can feel your heart beat

maybe i’m na’ve, but it’s everything to me
oh that i could fall in love with a train
my heart belongs to an engine’s song
it carries, oh it carries me away

(instrumental/hummed verse)

a thousand miles of track and i’m happy where i’m at
fell in love and now i’ll never be the same
my heart belongs to a travelin’ song
it carries, yes it carries me away

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