boyfriend lyrics – guy sebastian

she was alone and so was i
so maybe it was meant to be
she looked at me i smiled at her
and told her she could take a seat

her name was janice but call her jane
she told me she was 25
she lives at home with her mum, dad and a dog
and i just feel for every line

she said i’m new in town
can you show me around
she said i think i’m falling for you

she never said she had a boyfriend
i never knew there was another man
i couldn’t read between the lines
i must be blind
not to see she had a boyfriend

about her age about her name
she even lied about the dog
i’ll never get her, i shoulda known better
cos there was something kinda odd

(when she said hey) hey boy i’m new in town
can you show me around
i can’t believe i was falling for you, for you


maybe i’ll wait around
till you and him are through
i wish i never knew the truth

i know you’re not new in town
but i’ll still take you around
i’ll just pretend like i never knew


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