boyz n da hood interlude lyrics – boyz n da hood

yea ok ok ok ok
lets do it
boyz n da hood (alright) (waz up)
yea lets go lets go
ok ok ok ok

its ya boy jody breeze
gee (by)
big duke
young jeezy
(yea ok) ya kno wut im talkin bout

(jody breeze)
ump that young cat there (a)
c*ck back some shots at (a)
n*gg* wit my barretta (a)
cuz im bout wuteva (a)
ya’ll kno who i be, j-o-d-y breeze
wit all my b-o-yz in da h- double o-dz
yall n*gg* dont scare n*body
i dare a n*gg* ta try me
i neva kilt n*body but i will come get somebody
streets a reason like to be a demon in da night
and in da evening i serve fiens and leave semon on ya wifes.

dig it, there aint no question bout me cuz im da answer
i’ve been puttin in work since jody breeze was wearin pampers
i got jumped as a teen, couldnt part wit my starts.?
wasnt sh*t to me all he did was make me harder.
f*ck throwin sticks and stones now we toting guns and bricks
i’ve been representin like this since lil kim was suckin d*ck.
pops aint taught me sh*t cuz ima b*st*rd.
and f*ck u little tricks its paper that im after.

(young jeezy)
yea young and da restless, the fast and the furious.
lick a couple shots at ’em let ’em kno
that we serious.
and u kno wut u get for talkin out ya mouth sideways.
point blank range n*gg* blow ya sh*t sideways.
i do this sh*t for dem boyz in da hood stay down grindin til i get my boyz out da hood.
its da j- double e- z to the y yall.
stay strapped, iced up, and rock fly yall.

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