brainmelter lyrics – dead to fall

god is inside my head
and it’s pushing life
out of my eyes
out of my mind

beyond earth and sky

don’t fear opening doors
what is real, is what you allow
colors inside of you
waiting to burst out

beyond earth and sky
ride the snake

the abyss is starting to show
the hole of nothingness
the moment of truth
hold on – is this still real?

here comes a star
it looks like a werewolf – jaws open wide!
i think i’m going to die
waves of light.
what happened to my arms?
why can’t i feel anything?
what happened to the abyss?
am i inside of it?
or is it inside of me?
what is real and what’s inside of my head?

i feel so warm!
my brain’s about to melt
my brain has melted

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