bratzillaz lyrics – bratzillaz

glam gets wicked tonight.

bratzillaz!come on(2x)
glam gets wicked tonight(2x)

meet the wicked cousins of the bratz.
ever wonder how they got like that.
on their 16th birthday they realized.
bratzacadabra!we’ve got a witchy side!


in a secrat academy in the woods.
they cast magical spells to do good.
with mystical and mysterious style.
they how to bewitch and beguile.

yasmina!sees your future tonight.
meygana!let dreams take flight.
sashabella!hears animals speak.
cloetta!turns you glam to geek.
jade!can fix a broken heart.
its all about spells and magic arts.
this is the scene of witch scream.
and everything is not what it seems.

bratzillaz!come on(2x)
glam gets wicked tonight.

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