brave lyrics – kate ceberano

oooh, oo woo wooh
oo-oo-ooh, oo-hoo-hoo

i could give authority
a million miles away
as my heartbeat feels the silence
with words that i can’t sing
my mother used to tell me
girl, time for you won’t come
and so i sit back and i hold time
my time has not begun

no, don’t ever walk away
just be brave instead
hold me to the air
and in your arms i’ll rise
up high

i went for tomorrow
remember yesterday
ooh, but i was scared of the darkness
and said the things i shouldn’t say
though my my life has changed
just look what i’ve become
and so i sit back and i hold time
my life has just begun


ooh, ooh, life has been fun as a child
up the mount without bound
i’m searching for something more

ooh, loving has no reason
don’t need none to survive
it’s just a little flame in my heart
keeps me burning bright

(repeat chorus x7)

don’t walk away (ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

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