breathe and bleed lyrics – fleshless

your fast heart beats i conduct
i will dominate you, your body and mind
be a part of my gore masterpiece
eyes like windows flung wide to fear
as i carve bizarre ornaments
the body as costume for tragedy you will act
this deadly slab will be your stage
resurrected in my disgusting parody of life
dance steps to blood-draw i will let
in this swaying move something wonderful in
as dead ballerina on leading vein-thread
you will dance for no audience of my sick brain
for tones of silent tender music
and then in fall of applause you’ll die
close your eyes, you’ll be a powerless actress
my lethal ch*r*ography only for you i write
beautiful in quite suffering you’ll be immortal for ever
death is like a blood red sunset
ascent as a glimmering postmortal star of mine
our macabre showtime is beginning now

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