breathe lyrics – jill scott

how can i, how can i breathe?
how can i breathe?

i’m breakin` down a little
i`m throwin` in the towel
need you to get me off the ground
you sayin` that it`s over
n we can`t be together
but i really need you around
just stay, a minute,
n don`t you let go of me
you take my breath away (ohh)
i don`t wanna be left on my own like this
i`m breathless

now i can’t even breathe
breathe, breathe, breathe,
i gave you all of me,
but you won’t let me breathe
breathe, breathe, breathe
you’re killin’ me softly
breathe breathe, breathe,
without you there is no me…
so how can i breathe?
you’re all the air i need
so… let me breathe.


was i supposed to know
you leavin` me alone
you knew that it would end this way
i`m lost without your lovin`
i`m missin` everythang
now you`re so far away
don`t waste, a minute
just make your way home to me
don`t take my breath away
why do you wanna leave me on my own like this
i`m breathless


i don`t wanna be here no more
ever since you walked out the door
you took away my heart
your tearin` me apart
cuz you were all i need
your all that i`m waitin` for
so i`m waitin` for tomorrow
until you come back to me
so you can let me breathe
(breathe… breathe… breathe)
i gave you all of me,
let me breathe
(breathe… breathe… breathe)
you killin` me softly
let me breathe, breathe, breathe (12x)

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