breed lyrics – riotgod

this song is for the brazen mother f*ckers who thrive
one’s who keep their wildest dreams alive

we devote to you every note of our godd*mned sound
ones who building up when other people are breaking
ones who keep the white flag neatly tucked away
one who know the feeling of what its like to seize the

a salutation to that special breed
one who know the difference ‘tween want and need

know how to identify the weakest and the strong
got their own interpretation of the words right and
running smooth paying mind of all the fine details
rowing hard till they find the wind back in their sails

magic gracious beings making certainty seem like chance

keep us in the mix when you’re driving the road real
play us f*cking loud just before the die is cast

you’re the very people we like to call our kin
when all is seeming lost the one who find a way to win.

you brilliant shining stars we want to see
some come down to the front where you deserve to be

to you we offer up our purest rock and roll
springing from the deepest part of our burning souls
plugged into the universe that’s without a doubt
right here right now that’s what it’s all about.

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