brighter day lyrics – kirk franklin

when i close my eyes and think of you
and reminisce of all the things you do
i can’t imagine my life without you
it’s like paradise now i know that it’s real (um)
it’s a mystery for someone to give their life just for me
whatcha did on calvary makes me wanna love you more
i never knew i could be so happy
and i never knew i’d be so secure
because of your love, life has brand new meaning
it’s gonna be a brighter day, brighter day

never thought that i would smile again
never thought the dark clouds would end
never thought that i would have a friend
that would keep me never leave me alone
jesus you’re my everything
the only one that makes my heart sing (heart sing)
now i know what real love means its everlasting, lasting
[chorus times 2]
nothing can compare to the joy you bring
and everlasting love affair
jesus my life will never be the same
i found someone who truly cares (cares)!
brighter day !

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