british colonialism and the bbc lyrics – chumbawamba

“your version of the riots in cape town
comes second hand from me
chewing and spewing this revolution
for popular tv
all your opinions are carefully chosen
by what we’ll let you see
televised cr*p dressed up as fact –
your soap reality
we only want a chance to show the editor’s side
of struggle in the news
closer and closer to the state’s eye view
and further from the truth
push a microphone to the mouth of this youth
bewildered and confused
misreported, distorted, misquoted
a ready-made victim to be used
and we’ll quote you on things that you never said
put this pencil to your head
and kill your revolution dead…”

tv tells us what to be and what to say and what to do
how to act and how to lie but never question why?

fighting to stop the m*ss-deception
fighting to scr*p the p*ss laws
fighting to end the misuse of land
fighting to close down diamond mines
fighting to feed their hungry mouths
fighting to change the world
.here, we sit on the fence
built by distance and enforced by lies
is a full stomach all it takes
to keep us pacified?

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