broken dreams lyrics – brother el

i’m tired of {motherf*ckers} plain and simple, bitin my {sh*t}
they don’t feel that, nope

one quarter of a century old
bold, mentally, physically, m*ssive
visually, altenate, p*ssive
hope my crafts are tight, heh
i’ll be aight, solo, all fresh dolo
and day and night, i write (i write)
and when the wind blows i fight, i show and prove
aerodynamics, molded from ceramics (yeah)
theory, let loose now gigantic
and move way past stress, don’t regress
i got way too much finesse, heh..
.. son take hold of your bootstraps, when your shoes ran over
talkin bout how you clap, i don’t respect that
nor shall i wet that
the streets is tough, time is rough
i don’t forget that (i don’t)
see yeah, cause when i fell out of the scene
.. heh, n*body cared
i wasn’t prepared, and no one shared
any information, still patient
waitin for a time to hear my rhyme
.. all i had was broken dreams, anger, stagnation
pacin the streets, chasin, scr*ps to eat
the more you gave, the more i ate
the more disease, the more disease, the more disease
manifested – please please – in my belly
floatin like jelly, you can’t tell me
no stories of rough seasons
i’ve been through a lot, huh, and i’m still screamin..
.. i’m not dreamin.. hah, countdown

ten.. nine.. eight
like this, well {f*ck} it

broken dreams, anger, stagnation
i’m pacin, but i’m still patient
aww man {f*ck} that let’s get it together
in my time!

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