buckets of rain lyrics – bette midler

[bette:] ohh-oh, ohh-oh, ah
sing to me baby, baby.
buckets, nuggets of rain.

[bette & bob:] nuggets of rain,
nuggets of tears.
got all the nuggets
comin’ out of my ears.
nuggets of moonbeams
in my hand.
you got all the love,
honey baby, i can stand.

i been down, high like an oak.
i’ve seen pretty people
disappear like smoke.
friends will arrive,
friends will disappear.
you want me,
honey baby, i’ll be here.

[bette:] oh-oh, i’ll be here.
sing to me baby, baby, baby.
buckets of rain.

[bette & bob:] i like your smile
and your fingertips.
i like the way that you move your lips.
i like that heavenly way
you look at me.
everything about you is bringing me ecstasy.

little red wagon,
little red bike.
i ain’t no monkey
but i know what i like.
i like the way you monkey around.
stick with me baby
and we’ll never be found.

life is heavy
and life is sad.
life is a bust
when you think you’ve been had.
you lose, you must do
and you do it bad.
i do it for you,
honey baby, ain’t you glad?

[bette:] oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, ooooh.
bobby, bobby,
hey there mister d,
you set me free. yeah.
i don’t believe i really said that.

[bob:] “hum, meany.”
[bette:] “oooh, you don’t even know. you have no idea.”
[bob:] “i don’t want to know . . . . .
you and paul simon should have done this one.”

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