buku lyrics – soulja boy


money gang
fire flame, juice mixtape, b*tch
dj scream

i got buku money
i got buku cars
i got buku clothes
i’m livin’ with the stars

[verse 1:]
standin’ by the stove, buku bank roll
yellow diamond shawty, had to sh*t up on them hoes
lean in my cup, kush in my blunt
if you reppin’ skinny n*gg*s
gon throw it up (skinny n*gg*s)
westside squad, getcho *ss robbed
money gang boys, yes we stay on our job
big bank roll, buku hoes
pull up to the club, lexani on them 4’s
n*gg*s start hatin’
ak to ya faces
b*tch, talk sh*t, i’m grabbin’ pliers
removin’ braces
droptop lexus, whole crew flexin’
ridin’ from atlanta all the way to f*ckin’ texas
trap goin crazy, crack like the 80’s
droptop maybach got me like patrick swayze
soulja boy juice’n
80 f*ckin’ proofin’
when i’m in the booth, kwon, gon’ head salute me


[verse 2:]
sippin’ out my cup (w*ssup)
got a lot a bucks (w*ssup)
shop at lenox mall, that’s like a 150 plus (w*ssup)
duffel bag stuffed, n*gg* don’t f*ck with us (w*ssup)
choppers on deck, a.k.a. toys’r us (w*ssup)
soulja boy swaggin’ (w*ssup)
pretty boy gangsta (w*ssup)
pull up to the club, ak glock for the w*nkstas (w*ssup)
n*gg*s talkin’ down (w*ssup)
word around town (w*ssup)
snitchin’ on my crew will getcho *ss shot down (w*ssup)
boy i got the juice, money out the roof (w*ssup)
when my n*gg* kwony cash posted in the booth (w*ssup)
westside, salute (w*ssup)
eastside, respect (w*ssup)
southside, reside (w*ssup)
northside, i got them checks (w*ssup)
n*gg*s know my name, i ain’t playin’ no games (w*ssup)
my yellow diamond britling put yo whole life to shame (w*ssup)
my chain cost a mansion, my watch cost a phantom (w*ssup)
see me in the club still pretty boy dancin’, juice


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