bullshit lyrics – anvil

bullsh*t is all that i hear
bullsh*t, it s loud and clear
bullsh*t is all that i m fed
bullsh*t, by the nose i m led
bullsh*t, verbal diarrhea to me
bullsh*t, it flows like the sea
bullsh*t is all that they say
bullsh*t, ’til the end of the day

bullsh*t from the corporate wh*r*
bullsh*t, with their marketing lure
bullsh*t, like cr*p on my shoe
bullsh*t is what they spew

lies that flow from a deceptive mouth are bullsh*t to me
i don t fall for your twisted truth, stay away from me

bullsh*t, you lie like a rug
bullsh*t, so smart and smug
bullsh*t from your wife and your kid
bullsh*t for nothing you did
bullsh*t, it rings in my head
bullsh*t won t stop ’til i m dead
bullsh*t, you re drying the well
bullsh*t, you can go to h*ll


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