burn at sunrise lyrics – nomad

and the siience
when a ery of birds calms down
and the silence
when a sound of tife dies for a moment
that’s i come deeper to you
i set your fear free – when i want
i change your tears in laughter
come with me
forget about hypocrisy – whose words
invite my dreams
come with me
i’ll feed you with words – whose hands
push me in the abyss

raging fire
burned my mind
i wake my hatred
i rape sleeping taste
i cut heads of traitors
fallen like me
they pray to god
defamed on face

in the path dead human bodies
naked bodies i lead word of master
i sing the track with the blood
in a dungeon fuli of pain
i find a voice
hurricane of swords
stop a time

burning sunrise rips my eye-lids
sharp like swords light cuts my head
joy of day pierce me with th*rn

jerked in sleeping consciousness
i fell bitterness, furiously pain
choke me feelers of disdain

wakes me, jerked reality
where i was
covered with blood
where did i run away
covered with madness
who i was afraid
of crouched in mind

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