burn the memory lyrics – scar of the sun

all i express,
my essence you’re sure that you know!
another illusion you have,
modesty’s the word, but you don’t know it!

present i am
and nothing belongs to the past!
i don’t know why i should forget,
you got it wrong, so you should forget it!

i see you falling…

progress you claim,
i’ve moved on is all that i hear…
another attempted escape,
typical try to avoid reality!

pompous i sound,
i meant every word that i said!
you think that i’m wasting my breath,
patience a virtue and you don’t have it!

so you lost the plot
and i had my share in that!
but i’ve crossed the border now!
crossed the border…

burn, burn, burn,
from the ruins rise,
the disaster is by your side!
burn, burn,
in oblivion dive,
‘cause i have to restore my pride!

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