burnin’ and lootin’ lyrics – bob marley

black thought from the legendary foundations
sendin’ this one out to the people, knah i mean?
my peoples in the streets of illadel
the streets of new york city, know what i’m sayin’?
the streets of jamaica to the ghettos of london
word up, peoples in the struggle in?, cuba, south africa
word up, worldwide, roots crew
and yo, open your minds to this one, feel it
feel this joint, for real
this morning i woke up in a curfew
o god, i was a prisoner too, yeah!
could not recognize the faces standing over me
they were all dressed in uniforms of brutality
how many rivers do we have to cross
before we can talk to the boss?
all that we got, it seems we have lost
we must have really paid the cost
that’s why we gonna be burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
i said we’re gonna burn and a-loot
burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
burnin’ all pollution tonight
burnin’ all illusion tonight
oh stop them, stop them, stop them
give me the food and let me grow
let the roots man take a blow, ay!
i said all them, all them drugs gon’ make you slow
it’s not the music of the ghetto
we gonna be burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
(said we’re gonna burn and a-loot)
burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
yo y’all know the time
i’m tryin’ to eat in ’99, i need more
some takin’ this to the streets right, they want war
the sheriff at the front door, he comin’ to hunt y’all
you got these devils at the back door that wanna confront y’all
they want y’all to p*ss like some type of gun law
they come in the night, then block out every border you can run for
me, i’mma rocket launcher, a militant monster
i’m self sponsor, light up the mic just like ganja
black thought in the flesh, no impostor power hilly
thorough bred soldiers ain’t with the same silly sh*t that’s uncertain rap
inside a steel curtain
his net workin’ or shoulders, backs, and necks hurtin’, for real
so be supreme or just remain a mere person
yo you can find knowledge of self or keep searchin’
whoever in the crevices, thirsty, workin’
beneath the surface y’all know the purpose
keep the streets burnin’ yo
burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
i said we’re gonna burn and a-loot now
burnin’ and a-lootin’ tonight
one more thing
burnin’ all pollution tonight
oh yeah, yeah
burnin’ all illusion tonight
oh stop them

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