burning eyes of rage lyrics – ritual carnage

domination knows to race
hate has no boundaries
culture holds no future course
its history deceived
hostage to the war of texts
a prisoner of lies
ignorance and self-deception
fill their feeble minds
right wing extremist
fascist, ultra national
irrational minority
mentality obscure
black extremist, counter racists
causing further strain
your dialect of propoganda
becomes anothers strength
navigate the superhighway
fiber optic, fascist lane
a breeding ground for idol worship
hate within a stroke of keys
eccentricly deceiving
distorting facts so you prevail
intelligent deficit
a cause for no avail
fires burning full of fury
as darkness meets the lights demise
white robes, a cross in flames
the symbol of their feeble kind swastika
rising sun, are on the rise again

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