burying the last breath of christianity lyrics – funeris nocturnum

while the death is spreading it’s wings, we have gathered together.
sweet releasing death; embrace us!
like a plague it reigns, join the nocturnal funeral.
burying the last breath of christianity, and sacrifice to him.

with the sign of black magic, burned on our skin we rule this earth.
with our satanic might and our wrath against the christ.

hear the call of the shadows,
and now we have gathered to sacrifice for the ruler of unholy domain.

hail satan!

dominion of our great lord sathanas,
behold! it’s getting closer the essence of our might,
shall forever lead us against your false messiah
hear me, gather the strength!

prepare for the final battle in valley of megiddo, the final war.
and then we, the legions of h*ll
servants of satan, will dwell in the shadows under
the blackened sky for eternity.

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