butt krieg is showing lyrics – wormrot

get a f*cking proper pant,
lurking shadow start to show.
caught up with these evil grim,
looking at your drooping pants,
darkness starts to f*cking grow,
blasphemous endless glow,
godd*mn it pull them up,
i don’t need to see all of this.
why the f*ck
aren’t you pulling it up,
exposing more than enough,
is your *ss f*cking numb?
leaving the whole humanity
to f*cking barf
you self claimed
to be the most evil
worshipping the satan
and all that r*t*rded believes,
well i got a f*cking news for you,
the only thing that is showing
is your crack and
pink boxes briefs.
sucked in and consume us all,
feeding until its f*cking strong,
gorging on the human race
and in the end you pull it up
but with few seconds
the immortal b*tt krieg is showing
again and again, oh not again!

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