buzzbomb from pasadena lyrics – dead kennedys

buzzbomb buzzbomb macho-mobile
the road’s my slave, that’s how i feel
i cruise alone, i cruise real far
shoo young punk! i love my car

cross nevada at a 110
highway 50 and there’s n*body there
sign says, ‘next sign 30 miles!’¡­

my pension comes¡º
each penny saved buys more escape from home
i’d rather carouse around all day
than move into a home

plow through rest area san-o-lets
splat goes the lonely salesman
still w*nking in the men’s room¡­

buzzbomb buzzbomb tape up loud
lawrence welk cranked up to 10
faster faster in my car

buzzbomb is my pride and joy
king of the trailer court
waiting for a nice young man
who’ll love me for my car

who tells me why i’m cool
tells me just what i like
when i pretend he’s here

shred through palm springs across the golf course
cops ’round here scratching their heads
flashing sirens, state patrol¡­uh oh

they’re scuffing up the side of my car
they’re shooting out my tires
this ain’t no way to go to heaven
buzzbomb cornered at the 7-11

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