c.c.c. lyrics – altar

driving on b*st*rd road
too much sh*t in my veins
has polluted my brains

walking my way home
this terrible night
will end in a fight

i don’t need excuses
my patience has expired
this time it’s for real
i’m getting sick and tired

going the wrong direction
it’s my way to choose
what have i got to lose

anger needs a way out
too much hate in my veins
has polluted my brains

let’s drive!
then it happens all at once
just when i thought that it was allright
to break the rules of normal life
and kill the silence of this night
i feel the urge to walk away
but my pride says stay

christian cop convicted
my law has been broken
i will walk my way
f*ck your law and order
you misuse your power
f*ck your law and order
i pity your frustration
you think you’re always right
f*ck your christian orders

perhaps i’m too concerned
about my will to be free
maybe i should listen
but then i’m still concerned

who will feed the mouths of your family when
you’re unemployed. no more job for you cop!

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