cabbage savage lyrics – concentration camp

whats happenin the grawl nitty camped out n*gg*
the halocaust in 98 playa
we the sickess all the time on the grind
all they got to do is say when n*gg*
if you in the way you just gone get rolled on believe that
you think i’m playin with you let me show u something

where its at n*gg*, where its at n*gg*
where the dope at n*gg* with my mug on
concentration camp savage bout his cabbage in the war zone
down to break a jaw bone you hustlers know that sound
central booking for f*cking ’round whoa now
in a city where black folks wanna holla
cause the white folks don’t wanna see a n*gg* with a dollar
but we still on the highway trying to get the dope back by friday
can careless ’bout what the f*cking feds say

[lay lo 1]
camp affiliated so start antiating gats n*gg*
plated or black n*gg*
aint taking no more stacks b*tch
we breaking your back
i’m making your scrash for me
we say its simple and plan cuz thats the way it has to be
i grab my thang and blast for you, you grab your sh*t and blast for me
and we get mixed up in some mess we cause catasterfee
a n*gg* can’t get mad at you if he don’t get mad at me
now we p*ssing the microphone like we used to p*ss the weed

[lay lo 2]
aight n*gg* we got business to attend to as a b*tches gone surrender
country side gangster sh*t n*gg*, and we weigh cigars
me and my n*gg* chopping streets like a butcher
with thangs in seat cushions
f*ck a ghetto rap pushers
we beefing with haters and tryin to come up off of these sacks
gave up my everyday nina fina for these raps
and if these tracks, don’t get my sh*t on swole
i ain’t got nothin to loose, n*gg* we ready to fold

[chorus- young bleed] x 2
you do it savage n*gg*
you ’bout that cabbage n*gg*
f*ck, you gotta have it n*gg*
addition to the habbit n*gg*
want it better grab it n*gg*
adjust to livin lavage n*gg*
hustlin just a habbit and keep it hopin like a rabitt n*gg*

[lucky knuckles]
let me know if ya ready
to show i’m down for confedi
ain’t got no time for the fake n*gg*s sippin hot ones in they belly
this sh*t gets heavy for me, tru playas hustle for cheese
respect the young n*gg* mind i’m only out to get me
i ain’t got time for that bull-sh*t, frontin you get dunked on
i live by the streets, never leave my home, without my crome (n*gg*)
[young bleed]
so what you wanna do with a ill matic, phyco-patic
nappy n*gg* causin static
i hope you ready for steady stackin fedi, cause it don’t stop with me
everytime i doubt on my dough somebody (b*tches) watchin me
i play it like it gotta be
mashin in a high phillosophy
runnin in it get it hollin’ what u got for me, (n*gg*)

f*ck that frontin b*tch i feel like killing something
something ain’t my thing so i’m a bang if i hear’ em mumble
bumble like a baby known to beat a b*tch to death
or grab them things and make’ em range on the last n*gg* left
dear god up in heaven, why must i all ways think of 211s
and 187s please help this felon
makes his way back to the spot without gettin popped
or sn*tched up out local cots and doing life like my pops

[boo the boss playa]
n*gg*, how you gettin your money, huh, slow or fast
i got 160 on the dash
500 on the *ss, s cl*ss
f*ckin ’round with them hood rat tramps
tryin to lead them hoes back to the camp, (so i can set it out for sho)
if you a freak b*tch, then let it out
all my playa partnas don’t mind, throwing up in your mouth
you see that arrow pointed towards the bottom, we call it the south
4 silly birds 500 an ounce

drop the chesse in the cage with 30 hungry gorillas
who the last to sn*tch, who you callin a killa
the smell of blood of my enemy make my d*ck like stone
wanna leave him dying alone then jackin off with his own
look at me my back by the wounds of your whip
look at me i’m spyin on the woman you split
and these n*gg*s so trippin, so busy playa hatin me
when them folks done gripped and got your mammy in the streets

[chorus] x 2

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