calling forth the lord of the gate (umr at-tawil) lyrics – soulrest

oh king of infinite space!
planetmover, lord of dimensions!
son of the ultimate void!
the guardian of the gate!

approach from the south!
approach from the north!
approach from the east!
approach from the west!

you are the gate and key to the gate
all in one, one in all
the one by life prolonged
umr at-tawil!

lord of the gate,
opener of the way,
master of angles,

by azathoth, by nyarlathotep,
by that which created the voids,
by the will of the outer gods
let those who want to leave come out!

by kadath the unknown,
by hidden plateau of leng,
by the cursed r’lyeh in the deep
let the gate be opened!

rend the veil!
crush the mirror!
reveal the illusion!
behold, the gate opens!!!

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