camouflage lyrics – dakrya

be careful, be silent!
he’s watching us
hush now, be still…

come out, come out little puppets…
come out, wherever you are!

crawl and hide, behind the shadows.
mind your steps and keep your heads down!
the great architect will see,
every fear and tear you bleed.

hush now… hush
the monstrous clown is sitting on the couch!
be still… be quick,
we have to seek our way out…

down, down, in the abyss of your soul!
the evil clown is messing with your thoughts!
down, down, in the abyss of your dreams…
all the way down…

wake up, wake up little human!
wake up and try to break free!
wake up, wake up little human,
change the scenery of this horrible dream!

i think my sanity has gone mad!
camouflage! camouflage!
i feel the juggler coming from behind!

hush now! hush… keep your head down…
seek your way out… camouflage!

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