can i live lyrics – cypress hill


can i make money motherf*cker? (yeah)is that alright wit’chu? (no doubt)can i travel? (word, skull & bones)can i have a nice motherf*ckin car? (h*ll yeah)thank you (knowhat


can i live? (yeah)can i live – can i live? can i live – can i live? (yeah)can i live – can i live? can i liiivve?

[b real]

can i live, who willin to give me applause? half note, gotta get mine and open the doors
i want a fat crib, on the hill, after my cause
i need a fine woman, cuz i ain’t f*ckin wit yours
can i live? i wanna take care of my fam
all the haters can’t bait us, they don’t know who i am
you gonna learn soon baby, when my heat’ll expand
when i slay suckers everytime, i foil the plan
can i live? why not? i’m makin it hot
like the rubber gets when i start rockin the spot
d*mn! she gotta have it in the parkin lot
better come get her cuz she’s still in my knot
can i live? get your hand out of my pockets
i’m buck-nutty, tear your arms out of the sockets
people wanna talk no matter how much i rock it
pull my d*ck out, run about for n*gg*s who jock it
can i live? — can i live?

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