can’t get a girl kill yourself lyrics – goin’ places

can’t get a girl? kill yourself

everyday i go to school i always wonder why
girls don’t wanna go out with a geeky chess club guy
my mom said i’m good looking, she said girls would come my way
but 21 years later this is what i have to say

they don’t even know me but they judge me by my looks
(i’ll) never forget how i felt when they walk past and shook
jocks make it look so easy cause they all run the school
my 85 maxima doesn’t make me look so cool

i was feeling depressed so i went and got some help
“doc i’m tired of spending friday nights all by myself”
the doctor looked me over and he *n*lyzed my head
he came to a conclusion and this is what he said

can’t get a girl? kill yourself tonight

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