can’t stop lyrics – lalaine

saw a movie it was kind of bad
who kept talking behind my back
got a burger and i only ate half
it was one of those days you just gotta laugh

i was walking out when you walked in
with your james dean gl*sses and your elvis pin
i smiled at you and you smiled right back
it was either love at first sight or a heart attack


can’t stop
thinking what i’m thinking
can’t stop
feeling what i’m feeling
can’t stop
singing what i’m singing
can’t stop
wanting to be with you

if i said something to him would he turn me down
or would he be walking next to me right now
i made up my mind if i saw him again
i wouldn’t walk away like i did back then



over my shoulder
i can see him
he’s calling out to me
as he walks over
my heart is beating
and i know it’s meant to be


saw a movie it was really great
got a burger finished of my plate
the pin you were wearing you put in my hand
as i’m walking out the door with my james dean man

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