careless talk lyrics – billy joel

careless talkthat’s what you heard about mejealous talk
that’s what i heard about youeverybody’s telling liesi don’t even know why
why can’t peoplefind something better to docareless talk
i don’t believe what they sayi heard them talk
they say you’ve been putting me downin the shadows on the phone
they won’t leave us alonethey’ve been talkingever since you came around
careless talktelling you i’m doing wrongjealous talkfollows wherever you go
i’m aware of what you heardevery terrible word
everybody’s making believe that they knowall of the intimate things
that we ever might have saidin the heat of a p*ssionate moment
in a conversation sharedfor the ears of n*body else
there are some things they will never hearthere are secrets i’ll never tell
careless talkgoing around on the streetsjealous talki know how bad it can be
let them stand where they fallthey don’t know us at all
all that talking won’t make a difference to me

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