carmel life lyrics – ya boi zach

growing up in the carmel hood is tough,
every part of life can be so rough
i don’t even have the iphone 5,
its a surprise that im still alive
my parents drive me to school everyday
cause the bus stops to far away
yes my room has a t.v
but how can i watch when its not hd
i didnt’t get new shoes this week
if someone else gets mine i won’t be unqie
my braces always make my teeth soar
i don’t know why i gots to wear them *or
my mom didnt buy me an alb*m on itunes
now i gotta spend my evening watching cartoons
people say they live in continblow
they have never seen carmel though
this holiday i didn’t get the right present
so i made my familys day very unpleasent
to the word homework i say screw it
but my parnets they make me do it
my parents got me this shirt that i asked for
i decided that i dont want it anymore
next time you think your life is terrible
just remeber careml is unberrible
next time you think your life is tough
remeber you probably have enough stuff
your life is extremley adiqute
remeber you could be on the streets without……
thats what i was gonna say, the s word would have been bad. yeah?

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